Coffee Can - Scream if you want to go faster

Coffee Can - Scream if you want to go faster

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One of my favourite memories growing up in Toronto was when the Exibition came every summer with their huge set up of rides.  This ride was my favourite. Your car spun around whilst the whole ride went backwards at incredible speed and blasted 80's rock music.  The DJ would always come over the music and say 'Do you want to go faster?? Scream if you want to go faster' and we could never scream because we were laughing so hard.

My Coffee Cans are handmade in the Byron Bay hinterland with Earthenware clay and twice fired in a very hot kiln.  They are all hand decorated making each one completely unique and so may vary slightly from this image.  

Sizes are approximately 85mm x 85mm

Although my Ceramics are designed to be used every day, I do recommend taking special care of your piece and hand washing it to ensure longevity.


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