Sumba Island Handmade Throw - Indigo
Sumba Island Handmade Throw - Indigo

Sumba Island Handmade Throw - Indigo

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These beautiful throws are woven by a group of women weavers in East Sumba. They are woven by hand using techniques handed down through generations. They are made from 100% cotton which is hand dyed. Traditionally the motifs that adorn the throws tell stories of folklore, history and love.

This collection represents the captivating beauty, rich culture and laid-back
tropical vibes of the Indonesian Archipelago. Each piece is infused with the essence of island life.

As all of these throws are handwoven there will be variations in pattern and colour, each one is truly one-of-a-kind.

The vibrant blue colour of the Sumba Throw Indigo comes from the Indigo Plant (Indegofera Tinctoria) which is grown and harvested by the same community who weave these throws. Natural dyeing is better for the planet, better for the makers and better for you

Ethically Handwoven in Indonesia

90cm x 200cm

Kel is a thoughtfully curated collection of handwoven throws from the beautiful Islands of Indonesia. Every piece is unique and of the highest quality craftsmanship.

Through collaboration with Indonesian Artisans they support local island economies and empower them and their families to thrive while preserving their cultural heritage and supporting sustainable and responsible practices.

Each throw represents the age old traditions passed down from generation to generation. They are a one of a kind, forever piece.

Kel. celebrates the bold, beautiful colours behind the island cultures of Indonesia and we hope that our pieces will bring you the same joy they bring to us.

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