Social Alchemy | Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate

Social Alchemy | Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate

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As the moon is to the poet, so is the velvety dark decadence of Cacao to Maca’s naturally earthy, caramel undertones. Amidst nutty flavours, ginger dances across the palette, while Lucuma’s subtle sweetness sings a love song to your senses.

This is modern alchemy - where rich flavour and smooth texture act to restore the body’s biochemical balance and natural well-being.

128g/16 Serves


Gain the energy of a toddler and the focus of a wise and ancient sensei.

As you enjoy each sip, all our ingredients work to assist your body in slowing down, speeding up, or simply adapting to what you need today.

Social Alchemy Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate helps to soothe the nervous system, boost immunity, sharpen the mind & elevate your mood.

All ingredients are 100% certified organic: 

cacao, panela, maca, ginger, carob, lucuma, reishi mushroom (10:1 extract), chaga mushroom (10:1 extract), ashwagandha, cinnamon, peruvian mountain salt

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